Fest vs. Con

Festival vs. Convention

One of the most frequent questions and comments regarding Lunafest is for sure, “Having such schedule and full programme, isn’t Lunafest a convention already? Why don’t call it LunaCon or Lunafest Convention instead of just Lunafest?”

In fact, for legal reasons alone, Lunafest isn’t a convention at all and it never will go that way. Being an event, Lunafest can therefore act in a different way it had to act if it was an MLP convention. Reasons enough why this question has deserved an own category. For instance:

An MLP convention has to be suitable for all age groups. Well, this is not possible at Lunafest at all as there will be alcohol. Planning an event, it’s possible to make limitations; and in this case, there really is no other choice.

There is more than just a legal reason why it’s not possible to call Lunafest a convention. Conventions are places where visitors can inform theirselves about a specific topic, so they can expand their horizons with exhibitions, panels, workshops or just by a simple conversation with like-minded people in a calm atmosphere.

Lunafest, however, is a party! There is nothing visitors could really learn about the brony fandom such as panels or educational flyers. There won’t be any information events, and all the setting isn’t really suited for such features as well. After all, everypony will come to have fun without any pressure. Just to celebrate something that accompanies our everyday lives: colourful ponies!

In fact, Lunafest shouldn’t be even considered as an MLP event. It’s actually a brony event as it really isn’t that much connected with the actual series and its style. Lunafest doesn’t even try to conceal this fact. It’s an event for a community initiated by MLP’s G4 and taken its roots into the world of pop culture. A community of men and women outside the target group who’ve been enjoying to watch the series and helping to expand the fandom and its culture. It even doesn’t matter whether a visitor still considers himself a brony. As long as you have fun with G4 ponies and all the culture around it, in any form whatever, you are welcome at Lunafest.

So please remember: Lunafest is a party event. It’s a brony music festival. It’s not and it never will be a convention. If you want to attend a thing like that, I would like to recommend a visit to BUCK, BronyDays, BronyFair or GalaCon. These are some awesome conventions that are worth a visit and fulfil all the aspects an MLP convention should have. Lunafest even has good relationships to these conventions. You even will be able to find Lunafest team members there.

Lunafest, however, is something completely different. Even if there will be some similar aspects such as merchandise, it’s still something with a completely different direction.

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